The Color of My Skin

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This Mommy is Real


screenshot taken from the “Friends” television show

My sister and I are like ebony and ivory. I have olive toned skin, meaning that I have brownish, but not very dark, toned coloring. My sister takes after my mother and has much fairer skin.  This seemingly small difference between us has secretly become one of the foundations of my low self-esteem. My sister was always the cuter baby.  She was fairer, had dimples and a big smile. By contrast, I looked like a boy, had tan skin and had a chipped tooth from when I fell on my face months before.

I can remember the first incident – we were both fairly young and my mother took us to visit a friend of hers.  The friend was complimenting my mother on her daughters, but I only overheard the following:

Friend: “Little Sister is really cute. She’s got that wonderful smile with…

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