Musings…”And so, I kept living…”

imageTo write is to learn much about one’s self and the world around them. To write is to risk criticism, but do it anyway. To write is to bare one’s soul, for the sake of reaching an audience that can relate to the words, in order just to FEEL something. To write is to create; it is a form of ART, after all. For years and years I have been writing (since the tender age of about 10 years old), and I have also taught many students the art of writing. Lately, I feel a strong urge to write again, and to learn how to reach an audience that is inspired, disturbed, amused, and interested in what I write. With the shortening of our English language via texts and tweets, perhaps some might find these musings boring or too long, but bear with me. I believe I (finally) have something to say, and I hope you will join me on my soul-searching journey. I would love to hear your comments and only ask that  you be kind, yet honest, in your comments.

And yes, I hope to make MONEY from this blog, but I will not sell out to do so. If you believe in God as I do, perhaps at some point you have felt a “push” to do something out of your comfort zone in order to feel alive. Lately, I feel this “push” (again) from deep down in my psyche, and I feel the need to reach out to my readers, so that we can learn and grow together. As I have heard over and over from professional and amateur writers, and as I have taught many many of my high school students, just start to WRITE, and see where it takes you.  The sky is the limit. So, without a net, here I go, because I want to LIVE and FEEL again…