The Details on Retail: What to Think About When Pricing Your Merch

Detail on Retail. Re blog – GOOD INFO FROM PMHQ

blogrecap_pricemerchThis week’s The Details on Retail was all about how to price your merchandise while keeping in mind of what you should pay yourself back for.

Wholesale Portal brands offer a MSRP, look out for it in the description field under a wholesale pack listing. OR you can use the retail rule of thumb: a markup of 2.5-3x the wholesale price.

Some other key things to think about:
1. The 20% Poshmark commission
2. Factor in the $5.95 shipping cost
3. Price drops – determine the lowest price you’ll go before pricing an item

*Pro tip: If a Wholesale Portal brand is offering a pack of say, the same t-shirt in the same color, and you think you can sell that same t-shirt in different colors – you can ask that brand to do a custom bundle for you! #loveit

Things you may not necessarily think about when pricing are…

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