How Do “Reserves” Work?

FYI- from the Poshmark BLOG

Ever notice the little yellow ‘Reserve’ flag at the bottom of a listing? Have you come across a listing that says “Reserved” in the title with an outrageous price tag? Find out what they mean below!

Yellow Reserve Banner: This automatically appears on a listing when a buyer clicks on the ‘Buy Now’ button on the listing. It remains there for 10 minutes while they enter their information and complete the purchase. This flag is controlled by the system and there is no way to manually add it to a listing.


How to Manually Reserve an Item: Poshmark does not currently support item reservations. However, some sellers elect to place an item as ?Not for Sale,? a feature that clearly tells buyers which listings are no longer available in your closet. This includes items sold in bundles, reserved listings, notes, or purchases that you just want to share with…

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