I’ve never won anything like THIS….

“What if I fall? 

Oh, but my darling,

What if you fly?”



Poshmark Closet Online!
Since many have asked, below is the application/essay I submitted to Poshmark HQ in the hope of becoming a winner in their Poshmark Fashion Entrepreneurs Fund Contest. Out of thousands, only 50 of us won, and I was one of them! I am still pinching myself! You’ll see my little photo in the bottom row of the first photo, second from the left. I’m the “senior” in the group, I believe. A “Retail Veteran”. LOVE THAT!  πŸ™‚ #forevergrateful #poshboss #ecommerce #poshlife #onlineshopping #TheIntern 

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OK, HERE IT IS…..deep breath….

December 2015

Answer the questions below and email your response to  fund at poshmark dot com

* Name: Toni Philips-Tees

* Poshmark Closet Name: @twinkletoestoni

* Email: TonisTwinkles@gmail.com

* Why do you want to start your own Retail business? 

* Hi! I have been on Poshmark since January of 2013, have over 73,000 followers, am a Suggested User, and have Co-Hosted a posh party (8/13/15 “Wardrobe Goals”). I’m also a top seller, Posh mentor, have 5 star ratings, and I’m a top Posh recruiter (see closet stats). Many hours have been put into the above, but it has been a complete labor of love. This labor of love has led me to want to start my own thriving retail business. 

* Ironically, I was primarily a buyer on Posh until March of 2015, and now I’m primarily a seller, gaining almost 10,000 followers a month. After a hysterectomy that also ended my K-12 English teaching career, I started selling on Poshmark. It was a lifesaver to be on Posh and meet so many amazing women. It is also so much fun! I just love the Posh community, do understand the Poshmark app and guidelines very well, and have several very active social media accounts that integrate with Poshmark; listed below. In addition, I am a writer; learning blogging so that I can blog about Posh, see my Blog link below as well. Retail IS my next big challenge, and Poshmark has sparked a new found energy in me to take on this challenge!  

* What is your vision for your Retail business? 

* Mainly, I want to turn my little closet into a full time enterprise. I also believe that being on both sides (both buyer and seller) has given me experience that not all sellers have, and I would like to share that experience with others in the Poshmark community. Long term, I would be thrilled to have a brick and mortar location that partners with Poshmark. I would also like to write for Posh and the Posh selected Wholesalers. My vision for this scholarship is that it will help me to launch my retail business up to the next level; and I am ready!  

* Specifically, how will you use the funds?

* I plan to use the funds to purchase new merchandise through the PM Wholesale Portal, and through other wholesale vendors. I plan to use most of those sales profits to put back into more merchandise, in order to carry multiple sizes and brands. In addition, I might use a portion of the profits for advertising, and to plan and execute Posh Meet Ups. Last but not least, I’d love to bring some more vintage finds back into my closet from sales profits if possible. The eclectic mix I have now brings loyal (and new) customers in time and time again to see what unique and fresh treasures they can find in my closet. 

* To conclude, Poshmark is a platform like no other in the retail industry. It is a socially responsible and fiscally sound company that I wholeheartedly believe in. This generous Entrepreneurs Fund can continue to give many (like myself) the retail opportunity they may not ever have otherwise. It is my fervent hope that I become one of the fortunate few selected. 

Thank you for your consideration of my application. 

Toni Philips-Tees  @twinkletoestoni 

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