Multi-Item Listings: FAQs

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The most frequently asked questions about the multi-item listings:

Q: What is a multi-item listing?
A: A multi-item listing allows you to list various quantities and sizes of the same item in a single listing.

Q: Can I change my single-item listing to a multi-item listing and vice versa?
A: Absolutely! If you want to change a single-item listing to a multi-item listing, simply edit the quantity of the listing. If you want to change a multi-item listing to a single-item listing, edit the quantity to 1 and all sizes will be cleared. Please note you are only able to do so if none of your inventory from the multi-item listing has sold.

Q: How do I sell a multi-item listing?
A: Once you have listed a multi-item listing, a buyer can purchase one item from that listing in any of the sizes you listed. You no longer need to…

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