The Posh Glossary: Common Abbreviations and Phrases

In case you were wondering…

Below are common abbreviations and phrases found on Poshmark:

  1. Poshmarker / Posher / Poshaholic: A member of the Poshmark community. She most-likely has an addiction and/or obsession to Poshmark, opening the app and attending Posh Parties multiple times a day.
  2. Feed: Your Feed is the first tab in the Poshmark app that allows you to see the activity for the people you follow, including new listings and listings they share. You can also access ‘My Likes’ and ‘Search’ directly from the Feed.
  3. Following: Following another person on Poshmark means that you love their style and want to see their new listings, as well as the listings they share on your main Feed. To follow someone, click the blue ‘Follow’ button at the top-right hand corner of a closet. You can keep track of who you’re following at the top of your Poshmark closet.
  4. Followers: Followers are the people on Poshmark…

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