Retail on Poshmark: FAQs

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The most frequently asked questions about Retail, Boutiques and the Wholesale Portal.

Q: What does NWT Retail mean?
A: An item is NWT Retail if it was purchased wholesale, directly from a distributor, and is being sold to the public for the first time. Items purchased from a store for the purpose of reselling are not considered Retail.

Q: What is Retail Certification?
A: Retail Certification is a quick and easy in-app certification, required for all sellers that want to tag a listing as NWT Retail.

Q: What requirements do I have to follow once I’m retail certified?
A: We ask our sellers to follow a few simple requirements once they’re Retail Certified:

  1. Listings must follow our definition of NWT Retail: purchased wholesale from a distributor, and sold for the first time.
  2. NWT Retail listings should only include original photography.
  3. NWT Retail sellers should provide exceptional customer service…

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